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Can I use http://www.alchemyapi.com/products/demo/alchemylanguage as one of the two Watson conversational APIs required for the competition? AlchemyAPI is owned by IBM...

In particular, for the rule which says

"Use two or more of the following Watson Developer Cloud APIs: Dialog, Retrieve and Rank, Natural Language Classifier and Document Conversion. Feel free to use as many additional APIs as desired.",

I am asking that the AlchemyLanguage API be added to the above list of Watson Developer APIs, since it is an IBM natural language processing API which is relevant to the scope of the competition.

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    Hi Patrick - You have a great point. The AlchemyLanguage APIs are absolutely relevant to the scope of the competition, as are various others within the Watson Developer Cloud. You are free to use any of the other natural language processing APIs, such as AlchemyLanguage, to build your app. There are no limits to the number of APIs you use! However, for the purpose of this competition and the support tactics we've established, you must use at least two of the four APIs we've listed. Thanks!

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